glaswegian word meaning down right rank rotten, mingingly mockit.
downright ugly.
drewboy is right hacket!
by rudeboy27 November 19, 2004
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When you buy a really cool looking jacket that looks like a hoodie and can be decieving but it really IS a jacket
Max bought a hacket at the mall the other day
by hashbean420 January 05, 2009
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the act of throwing a condom (normally a big black one) in someones face for them to put on just before sex
Matt saw Kylie hacketting Martin before he penetrated her
by Nicky Turner January 08, 2012
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Simply a woman's pussy. Cant Belive im the first to add this.
I just scored a field gole flicking a paper football doller at the strippers hacket wound. Direct Hit
by MIKE MURR May 12, 2006
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