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The best sex posishion between monkey and gorilla in witch case bring great pleasher to both sides.

1. gorilla = penis
2. monkey = vagina
HUSBAND:hey honny want to hacim tonight hardcore.
WIFE:That hacim lasted for ever.
HUSBAND:Thanks i learned from
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1)A super sex move where the guy " a Guy named hacim created this move" has a girl bend over something about 3-4 feet tall and the guy fucks her while playing with her pussy and tit's.

2)Hacim reizarf is the on ground flat vershion of this.

3)Reizarf with out hacim is where a girl is on hands and knees over a guy and lets the guy play with many thing's on her body.
1) hey baby lets get down a dirty and do hacim tonight.
2) hey baby tonight we are going to have fun! its hacim reizarf time.
3) hey after we are done haveing hacim can you let me reizarf.
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