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1. Sex, but better

2. Super heros having sex
Oh baby, that sex was great

Indeed, you might even say that was . . . super sex
by Monkeygrease August 01, 2005
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When having intercourse with a super hero. In most cases, Superman because we all know he sleeps around behind Lois' back.

Or sleeping with a prostitute who has slept with a super hero (Superman)

It's rare, but when sleeping with a Super Hooker, you may contract a SSTD (Super Sexually Transmitted Disease)
Broseph: "Dude... I slept with this hooker last night and I think I've got crabs... Thing is though, they were the size of a koala and trying to kill me..."

Broski: "Sounds like a SSTD brah... You probably had Super Sex..."
by RachelShmee November 10, 2011
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A term used to describe the extensive and elaborate sexual acts of celebrities or famous people because since they believe they are the worlds "stars" so they do what ever offers them pleasure regardless of social norms. Popular among top Hollywood stars, this kind of sex includes going both ways, swapping wives or girlfriends, and engaging in sexual acts with multiple partners sometimes under the influence of drugs. The opposite of regular sex.
" I heard Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, and Tom Cruise all snort coke and fuck each other in the ass at their exclusive sex parties. They are into super sex"
by JDJDJDJDJJJDJDJ March 31, 2010
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