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An undergrad business student enrolled in the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, who exhibits many negative characteristics that allow themselves to be labeled as 'douches' or 'assholes', hence the name Haashole.

They are normally arrogant, cocky, full of bullshit, talk loudly about vague things, incoherent, and think they're so great for getting a business degree.
Bob: Yeah, Eri is such a haashole! I hate her.
by celeryeater November 01, 2010
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The designation awarded for: compound and gross ignorance demonstrated while in the process of exercising ones rights; ignoring logic, common sense, sound advice of associates, friends and family, not to proceed.

Symptoms will vary wildly from one case to another, but the underlying theme (rooted in ignorance) will remain constant. May also be associated with bad poetry. By that I mean REAL bad, worse then a junky begging with 'haiku' a three syllables short on a train platform at 4am.
Example Type: Classic.

Details: Benjamin Haas's attempt to puppet the burning the flag of the USA as a form of protest. Resulting in thousands of irked citizens forming a counter-protest. Haas opted to cowered, recanted and attempted to read a prepared statement. We may never know what he had prepared.
Score: Citizens 1, Haasholes 0
by VetterOne May 12, 2011
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