A slang word used to describe the mistress of a married mobster. The gumar is the girl that they see "on the side", because they can do things with them that they would rather not do with their wives (See example below).
There is no shame expressed by the mobsters, generally, about their girlfriends, they all have them, and they love their wives and family dearly, but just need to have other sexual venues, as well as a place to stay the night when in "the doghouse" or out very late, etc.

To learn more, watch Analyze This, Goodfellas, and The Sopranos
Dr. Ben Sobel: What happened with your wife last night?
Boss Paul Vitti: I wasn't with my wife, I was with my gumar.
Dr. Ben Sobel: Are you having marriage problems?
Boss Paul Vitti: No.
Dr. Ben Sobel: Then why do you have a girlfriend?
Boss Paul Vitti: What, are you gonna start moralizing on me?
Dr. Ben Sobel: No, I'm not, I'm just trying to understand, why do you have a girlfriend?
Boss Paul Vitti: I do things with her I can't do with my wife.
Dr. Ben Sobel: Why can't you do them with your wife?
Boss Paul Vitti: Hey, that's the mouth she kisses my kids goodnight with! What are you, crazy?
by tazzman31 November 7, 2009
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term used from the Sopranos for a mistress of a married man
As used in episodes of the Sopranos with "Tony's gumar, Candice, etc"
by CD88 April 26, 2007
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A move where a group of friends pretend to be a hot girl, and then tricking a different friend to think the hot girl is in to him.
Then the "hot girl" suggests a meeting where they will fuck
The move concludes when the tricked friend cum before the planned meeting, in order to last longer in coitus.
Afterwards it is acceptable to take a group photo and saying to the victim "you are the gumar" (gumar is the person who got pranked by the gumar move)
Yo Tom, have you heard about how we pulled off the gumar on Roi yesterday? The poor soul wanted to cry the whole evening
by Gumarman January 28, 2020
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