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Guilder is a term for a lower class person used in a small region on the New York/Vermont border. It originated in the town of Granville, after the inhabitants of a nearby hamlet (Guilder Hollow) which is now a part of the greater Granville township. This hamlet was settled by families from Holland lead by a charismatic leader. Eventually, the people who settled in Guilder Hollow ran out of money (Dutch money at the time was the "Guilder") and these people became dependant on charities and later state aide. The term "Guilder" used the settler's former wealth ironically. It also implies slovenly habits.

The use of the word has broadened over the years to be applied to anyone of little means and culture. It has also spread to the surrounding communities who have their own take on the insult.
"Don't be such a guilder and change your underwear after you shower."

by V Campbell September 06, 2006
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A Vermont hick, especially one who lives in the Fair Haven-Benson-Orwell area, drives a pickup truck, thinks Larry the Cable Guy is funny, looks forward to deer season, and refers back to one particular high school football season throughout his adult life with great regularity.
Guilder #1: Yup, I fell out (of) my deer stand last week 'cause I dropped my butt and tried to catch it.
Guilder #2: Yer such a guilder.
by jt castleton February 06, 2006
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a man's penis. mostly used when a woman wants it or if it is being described.
Girl #1: His guilder was so big!!!
Girl #2: I know, right.
by lizzaine January 10, 2008
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