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1. The guestlist for a gig is a list of people who are allowed to enter the show for free. People on the guestlist usually include the press or the friends and family of the band. People are normally invited on to this guestlist.

2. The guestlist for a student night is a list of people who have requested to go on the guestlist, they get discount entry and often will get let to the front of the queue. They will often have to go on to a website to do this.

3. The guestlist for a high class event is a list of people who have paid extra and therefore receive better service and better seats. Businesses will often do this to impress clients.
1. wow... coldplay put me on their guestlist tonight! Looks like i'm not paying

2. I just went to to get on the guestlist for tonight. No queuing for me

3. I sorted guestlist at cartier's exclusive party, cost me a small fortune
by down left up and up August 10, 2010
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