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associated words: Bello, Avenger, Marco.

a word. a nickname. a licenseplate. a legend. a god.

Only those who are nominated by many to save a wack ass time with a mere fist pump, those who can manage 6 parties and 50+ heads at once on a guestlist, those who never get a ::fingers:: "fuck up" and/or "do somethin'" slaped to their fach, and those who can be cockdiesel in two countries simultaniously are considered as miticale. if you can make over 6+ girls drool at one cafeteria sighting, have one hell of a MOOSE, rock a thousand dollar suit at dna, have a facebook group dedicated to your presence, AND pound endless drinks with xtra's and STILL be good to ride an Aprilia RS 125 in 6th gear home at 5 am.. you've achieved Miticale status.

Done by one, aspired by thousands...

Marco Auriti of Astoria, Queens is the first and only induvidual to achieve such status. All others who question his ability to make the wackest Saturday night into the most memorable one in years, we'll just have to put 'em in the baytroom.

see bello
Frequently abbreviated to "mito" and/or "mitico" when describing an unfathomable night of club hopping, heavy drinking, and mackin'.
by Booshe April 10, 2005
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