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To be a pretentious, rich, snobby and most importantly, no matter how nice you seem after 5 years at Camden School For Girls, you WILL become a completely vindictive bitch.
by ABS.MANDEM.ALL.DAY June 16, 2011
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Although they are often laughed at, and seen as an embarassment to befriend, everyone secretly loves them and no night is the same without them.

They sing too much and too loudly, they have an aquired taste in clothing, music and boys. Their humour is difficult to understand but a blessing if you figure it out, they are all very pretty but often said to be unattractive, though this is not true i assure you.

They have too much energy in the mornings and late at night but are often muted during the day.

They are lots of fun, everyone knows it even if they can not admit it. There are lots of them, in fact too many but each one is special in their own way and is like a different personal gift to treasure for eternity.

They all suffer from several addictions such as clicking their fingers, smoking, laguna beach and crabsticks.

Their favourite pastimes are getting stupidly drunk resulting in getting off with anyone and anything, projectile vomiting and a severe punishment from the parents.
They also enjoy recreating the current social scene on The Sims.

They can not dance but that doesn't stop them.
They enjoy getting naked...a lot.

Be nice to them, because one day you won't be on the guestlist...who we kidding you'll come anyway, graffitti and leave.

But Don't Woz they'll clean it up in the morning.

B dot G.
camden girls Quotes.
"Hey dis one!"
"Stop it, you're invading my personal space."
"That was sick! I waaaas sick!"
"Sooner or later my personality will shine through...then he'll dump me."
"Kill meself"
"safeandsickandblessandcool coolandblessandsafeandsick"
by Camdener June 18, 2008
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