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An orifice on your girlfriend that your buddies get to use during a gangbang.
Hey Sheila are your guest holes clean? Geoff and Tommy are coming over later tonight.
by The Bang Fairy October 09, 2005
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people who not only overstay their welcome but ask for highly inconveniencing favors while doing so.
My guestholes called me at the office wanting me to pick them up and take them to the mall because they were tired of hanging out at the pool at my house all week. You'd think they could rent a car.
by YJLAW December 09, 2010
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a manufactured or cosmetic orifice for non-genital sexual intercourse (in order to avoid adultery; a marital rift; adultery). it is impersonal and prim like a guest room. one needs protection to use it. ease of cleaning is important. it can be likened to a kangaroo's pouch or a pocket. one may be obtained through grafting, lasers, or a simple hot knife. do not masturbate with your guest hole as it will (and should) bring you no pleasure.
I'm happily married with children but I really want your cock, so please just put it in my guest hole.

My ass and my vagina are already taken so put it in my guest hole.

My vagina has a waiting list so please put it in my guest hole.
by Ali G. January 02, 2006
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