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German + sucka. Much like the use of Nucka, for nigga + sucka. Usually used for a friend of german descent.
What up Gucka! East of the wall today eh?
by DS and TH September 05, 2007
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Something gross; Something nasty; disgusting
"Eww there is Gucka in my hair!!" , " Umm you have some Gucka on your face"
by Jayqueen January 04, 2018
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The genetal region below the waist encompassing everything in a spherical fashion to just below the buttocks
Hey dude did you hit him in the dick?

No man I slapped him in the guckas

Hey you think she has a nice ass?

Dude chill, she has a supple guckas
by The Creator January 12, 2019
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