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To bling out; to add high-end qualities to a product or service (or outfit); to make something overly impressive, expensive, or elaborate;

Ironically, it can also mean to make something look expensively tacky or unnecessarily flashy
The trip idea is good but we need to guccify it and add more fancy details.

American Express has a totally guccified call center; it's way impressive.

That spinning fiber optic Christmas tree was completely guccified.
by The dio team December 20, 2008
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The biggest loser on l2r, tiny dick, no life, ass eating child. Wouldn't, and couldn't get laid if it wasn't for his Uncle Tim, a registered sex offender that uses Guccifieds pretty little back pussy for fun.
Guccey levelled again using his mommies credit card.

Remember that guy everyone hates? Yeah, Guccify.
by L2R May 08, 2018
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