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A guido who spikes his hair, who struts "his stuff", wears all his bling at once, and goes insane for his matching puma outfits. Your typical guangsta will commonly be found at Express ("buying a hot new shirt to wear to the club tonite, bruh"), at Armarni Exchange, figuring that if can spend 15 bucks to wax the ol' brows, 80 bucks wouldn't be so bad for a pair of jeans, and he will also be found at finish line, getting some hot new kicks while checking back in to see if the store has finally stocked those hot ferrarri shoes with the italian flag so he could look like rocky. "goo rocco!", he'll exclaim. Then, he'll go home to mamma to have some lunch an' she'll-a say, I love you antonio..he'll back away and say Maaaa- nahhh you'll kill the do! Tony will-a then a-tak-eh the beammah down to the club and roll in with his sad excuse for an entourage--deep down, he longs to be a gangstah....after a sad night of pretending to dance...tony and the boys'll head back home, becuase they have to be up early to go tanning so no one will see them, and then they'll head off to the gym. Yup, that's pretty much the life of a guanagsta.. They blast club music, but secretly listen to rap..In short, I guess you could say
a GUANGSTA is a cross between a guido and a gangsta...
"LORENZO thinks he's sooo hot! He's totally nothing but your typical guangsta," Tiana said.
by joooo! October 11, 2007
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