Wow emily is wearing a really short dress.. Love that for her!! Gsg
by Capricorn thott August 10, 2020
GIMME SOME GIBBLER, meaning Kimmy Gibbler (or any other hot mami) is a sex pot who we worship.
Dayum, that bitch is hot, GSG.
by brian / cierra July 6, 2006
Get some gears, An informal greeting when you see a person riding a Fixed gear
You see a guy riding down the street

you(in the car) screams: "Get some gears"

The rider: gives out the 'GSG face' which is quickly follow by the middle finger
by sTvEx August 28, 2009
An acronym used in place of LOL to let people know you are "Giggling so gently."
"Gonna go poop."
"Gsg. You're silly."
by charleschaplin September 3, 2009
good shit, good shit
means good job, or just the general meaning of “good shit”, just used twice.
Person 1 : “I just got a triple kill
Person 2 : “gsgs”

Person 1 : “I finally ordered some clothes
Person 2 : “ gsgs!!”
by juh-cob August 27, 2022
There's some GSG going on behind that tree over there, lets join in!
by GSG Thatoneguy September 8, 2012
used mostly by sceneXcore kids in pawtucket, symbolizing there love for the vixen Kimmy Gibbler.
"Gimme some Gibbler"
by Cee weed & Bry Fry July 6, 2006