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1. An attempt by teachers to encourage "team work" that ultimately fails as one person does all the work while everyone gets credit.
2. An exercise where everyone quabbles to the end of the period in an attempt to finish an assignment.
3. Death.
After being assigned group work at school, Billy became mysteriously ill for the next few days.
by serenavandq January 20, 2012
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A learning strategy devised by academics to divert attention from themselves and their own activities, cut down on teaching time and cause the maximum amount of stress and discomfort to their students. Groupwork involves the administration of complex, indecipherable assessment tasks which students are left to spend long hours together in each others' company to figure out leading often to short periods of abusive conflict and sometimes even longer periods of fornication and even marriage.
Jemima: Professor, can you please answer me a question about our assignment?

Professor: No I can't. You see, it's groupwork. You have to figure it out together with your team mates. Why not go and ask Brad to help you. He looks like he'd be happy to straighten you out. I have to go now and see if that infernal coffee bar is open yet.
by The Gonzo Lecture March 25, 2010
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