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'Gringus" was first coined by a small group of LSD enthusiasts at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. The term was first used to describe the agglomeration of various and unidentifiable emisolid sludges that can collect in the stopper of a kitchen drain. However, it was an instant hit and the word soon came to indicate any foul substance, esp. an unidentifiable, variously composed, and revolting substance. It is now used to describe both literal and metaphorical filth.
Literal: Jesus Christ, man.. when I hit that puddle it got gringus all up in the wheel-wells.

Metaphorical: That budget's overdue by three months; if they don't dig their way out of that partisan gringus they're all wrapped up in, it'll never pass.
by Plasmatron-7 December 25, 2009
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