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It is a shitty ass school and all of our sports team sucks
Wow grimmer middle school football team only won one game
by Slacker300 November 23, 2017
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The best place to find sluts, assholes, fuckboys, druggies, and alcohol. If you don't start drinking or vaping by 5th grade you're not cool at Grimmer. It's a school in Schererville Indiana and let me tell you . . . . It's a fucking vape store. Grimmer middle school sucks ass.
I hate that bitch, bet she's from Grimmer Middle School.
by Stein-03-XC January 18, 2018
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grimmer middle school, a big fucking school full of shitty twats but some okay teachers. most of the fucking students are dumb assholes and the popular girls are bitches, they bully the friends they have that they think aren't as pretty as them and they make everyone feel like shit. they get fingered, suck dick, are racist, do drugs, vape, and drink. the guys are fucking racist and the girls are just straight up thots. everyone at this school is either fake, a liar, or both. years ago some girl lost their virginity in the bathroom. how nice you weren't even in high school yet and youre already being a thot. everyone here sends nudes and uses each other and there is so much drama. majority of the teachers are okay though. there is some really good ones. when kids get bullied the teachers and principals dont give a fuck about shit and all the guys are douchebags with small dicks!! fuck grimmer i hate that dusty ass school
me: Have you heard about the girl that got fingered at Grimmer Middle School?
them: yeah everyone there is not only a whore, but fake too!!
by grimmerssucksass May 16, 2018
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