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Any member of a social group who will only accept the pre-approved opinions of the group as their own. Consistent cycles of recruitment, confirmation, acceptance, and denial govern their daily lives. They manufacture truth through repetition and free & independent thought makes them furiously angry.

They commonly share a penchant for attempting to solidify their suppositions, which they’ve just received from Talk Radio, by making random announcements. It is believed that this technique both spreads newly acquired opinions more rapidly and tests the immediate surroundings for possible recruits.

A gregarian will very evangelistically espouse Talk Radio, usually way too loudly, in order to affirm their absolute loyalty. Especially if a fellow gregarian is nearby. And even louder still, both in announcement and Talk Radio volume, if the near by gregarian ranks higher in social status.

a gregarian typically ends sentences with questions, you know? Am I right? Don't you think?
by Ripley3 November 01, 2006
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