A crazy name for a group of individuals out side of the rural town of Dublin Ga. They love a good time especially if it means they are getting high. Mostly drunks with an exception of two and many people with this last name have very bad anger problems...
You're messing with a Greenway you little motherfucker .Where are my cigarettes?!!!
by Halliwell5 September 6, 2017
Greenway Highschool is a Highschool in Coleraine, MN. It is known for doing nothing about bullying, which lead a kid to suicide, tea with teachers, drug doing, and selling in the school, getting -10’s and fix-it plans, shitty people, and problem children all come together. PluCome to learn, leave to live.
‘’Yooo, Greenway Highschool is absolutely jacked my guy’’
‘’Yeah.. but it’s still better than Rapids’’
by SchoolSucks2 January 26, 2021
The most whitest elementary school in Ocala, FL. Filled with white ppl trynna act black, and racist teachers. Some fights will appear here and there but almost everyone who goes there is soft asf
Sara- What school u go to?

Anji- Greenway Elementary...

Sara- Girrrlll, dat school lame asf, u need to switch asap
by ZeusMadeIt November 23, 2021
A tall lanky man who is funny and good at football and has a fit mum.
Wow alfie robert greenway is so lanky and his mum is a proper milf
by uewhfyuiwfuewb June 24, 2022