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(sometimes written as two words: 'green inker') A member of the green ink brigade: in British journalistic circles, these are crackpots who write letters to the editors of newspapers or to celebrities, highlighting important words and phrases by using different coloured (typically green) ink. They may also write the whole letter in a coloured ink.
A famous novelist, read the first line of a letter, which began 'Lynda, you rotten swine..' and thought: "Oh no, a greeninker!" but reading on she realised it was a friend expressing mock jealousy over a recent success of hers.
by Wally Greeninker January 05, 2015
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Ones who is ever-so-gently affected.
Back in the day green-inkers was all of a one;
Innit only gayos was using green-inking biros?
But then nowdays you got them same lot using pale-pink-ink roller biros
and 'yellow-gels' with guff coco smells ....
and what all dem rest is-
so we can say "green inkers";
and have done wif ' it all.
"the only people who type in caps are the modern green-inkers who send me loony emails about their cats. "
- from Rob Manuel at +
/2006/11/28/ + 10-reasons-keyboards-are-shit/
by Leo Sullivan May 12, 2007
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