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Noun; The pseudo freedom that is propagated by selfish interest groups; a state created when people motivated by greed hide this fact by claiming that they act in the name of freedom.
the united states is furthuring nothing more than greedom across the globe.

the greedom under which we live will evetually make us pay for even our most fundamental rights.

if we let greedom run wild, then we will eventually own nothing, not even our selves.
by Zain Shariq April 11, 2006
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Selling Freedom promises just to profit and take advantage of a situation.
Super powers' political promises of Greedom to opressed peoples.
by jamesb2 January 15, 2012
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The Corporate Dream to replace freedom with a more corporate friendly government goal.
Trumps presidential dream is to let Greedom ring.
by astonished head December 13, 2016
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