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The vagina.
Alison and I were going to make pancakes but she said we didn't have any batter. I told her to check her greasetrap because I left some there for her last night.
by vitanuova May 27, 2004
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An insult, mainly towards a fat or obese person, male or female, who refuses to do anything about their wieght and just keeps on eating fatty and greasy foods, and they frequently use excuses that such as "I will always be that way" or "God made me this way". Other grease traps wallow in their own misery at the fact that they are so fat and sit in front of the T.V. eating a bag of Doritos and drinking a mcDonalds milkshake while watching Maury or Oprah when they could be working out instead of eating so much grease. This is why they are called grease traps, because they are aware of the problem, and will not make healthy chioces in order to change the situation.
Girl #1: Oh that Tim guy eats way too much greasy foods. The sad thing is that he refuses to do a thing about it. He just keeps eating and eating.

Girl #2: He has become such a grease trap.

Girl #1: Yeah tell me about it. The fryers at McDonalds has less grease in their traps then he does.
by ~BluntBitch~ July 23, 2008
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A neighbourhood or place where greasy and ratchet people all converge. Crack heads, drunken teenagers, drag racers, and kids who linger around the McDicks that is open until midnight or later. Be wary when entering one of these. You may accidentally get sucked into its wormhole of greasiness.
Example #1

Boy: I hate Lynn Valley.

Girl: I love that grease trap #YOLOSWERVE.

Example #2

Girl: Doin' lines at Stacy's.

Boy: No! You can't do lines at that grease trap! Nobody has a hundie there!
by Mama B April 15, 2014
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The often smelly crease of skin linking the ballsack or labia to the thigh.
Man, I went down on this girl last night and her Grease Trap smelled like McDonald's!
by GingerKill September 04, 2008
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When a over weight male can only have sex doggy style and has to put his stomach on the partners lower back. The sweat and grease build up between the two is known as the grease trap.
Kyle placed his stomach og sarahs lower back then when he was done he licked the grease trap.
by Boxsmasher111 September 14, 2011
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The act of a threesome where one person catches all the drippings
Last night I volunteered to be the grease trap
by Dirty -J- October 03, 2016
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