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Bitch Numero Uno.

A girl who seeks for power and dominance. Graziel likes to get things her way - what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, who she wants, where she wants. She does not aim for a lower or degrading status as she wants to stay above all. A girl who despises being disagreed with or debated against. A girl whose demands and orders must be followed otherwise she will unleash the 7 gates of Hell.

A girl who can also be nice if you don't anger her.

A girl who loves chicken nuggets, ice cream, bacon, pizza, potatoes, fried chicken, and a lot of other unhealthy foods (lmao who doesn't).

High libido.

Fun and cute. Mostly cute. Also psychotic and evil.

Incredibly smart and always right.

Beautiful, pretty, amazing.

The girl who always has your back when you need her.
"Hey, man, see that girl over there?"
"That's Graziel."

"I need a Graziel in my life."

"My friend Graziel is the best friend I've ever had. If I lost her I'd lose my other half."

"Stop being such a Graziel sometimes. It drives me crazy!"
by BitchNumeroUno January 03, 2017
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