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Written also: greysexual

adj: sometimes having sexual attraction and/or feelings, but usually not. generally asexual but perhaps capable of sexual desire under certain conditions, eg love or romance.

noun: person who identifies as graysexual

Whereas sexual orientation exists along a continuum of heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual, sex drive also exists along a continuum. Some people (highly sexual) desire to have sex with anyone they can; some people (strictly asexual) have no sexual desires; graysexuals are predominantly asexual but capable of manifesting sexual desires under specific circumstances. This is not to be confused with an asexual that is satisfying a partner's sexual desires despite lacking sexual desire of their own.
"Look at all of these hot chicks!"
"Dude, are you gay?"
"Nah, I'm graysexual. I can see that there are plenty of hot chicks here, but that doesn't mean I want to have sex with any of them."
by the_smasher November 29, 2009
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Another vague fake sexuality people use to gather admiration from their pc friends.
Hey you guys I'm graysexual now give me affirmation that im a deep and special person.
by suslord December 06, 2017
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