nonsense term describing something (person, place, or thing) considered entertaining and 'cool' despite and largely because of any or all of the following: ridiculousness, irony, inanity, and catchiness/danceability

- grew in usage rapidly in arts and hipster scenes from the March/April 2011 video meme "Gravy Rainbow" from the music video of the same name by New Zealand Electropop artist Disasteradio
Mister Sunshine is within reach /
Girls on the beach /
Well all they want is a Gravy Rainbow /
They do the Mashed Potato on the Gravy Rainbow
by Hipstelectro March 28, 2011
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When you shoot diarrhea, in a rainbow-like arc, onto your partners chest.
I was going to fart on my wife, but totally shot her with a gravy rainbow.
by Go Badgers April 18, 2011
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N. (grAH-vee rayn-bO)

The fecal mustache that is created when a person performs fellatio on their partner after their partner has pitched during anal sex (Ass-to-Mouth).

Although possible in heterosexual encounters, the term Rainbow indicates that it is primarily a homosexual term.
Girl, you've got to get an enema before I poke your keister... you've got a Gravy Rainbow.
by Ribaldo Givera July 26, 2011
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