The relief and nostalgic feeling one has about a time in their life when it is about to end, even if the time was completely miserable.
(the day before high school graduation)

Senior: I'm really gonna miss this place...
Friend: Dude, you spent the four shittiest years of your life here. That's just the graduation goggles.
by WendyW April 12, 2011
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n. When one experiences nostalgia for the years of high school as graduation approaches.
I was totally looking forward to college, but when I stepped into the high school's hallway for the very last time, and I smelled the strange combo of burnt cafeteria food and textbooks, graduation goggles took over and I was reluctant to go through with the event.
by Stringcheese April 16, 2011
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when you are ready to quit something but then start seeing it in a new and positive light
A week before High School was over I got Graduation Goggles. Even though I hated everyone I went to school wtih.
by CmeDiG April 12, 2011
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