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A hard rock/metal band from Thomaston, Ga. Consisted mainly of musicians that had been friends from high school or had been in previous bands together. gr3y existed for roughly 5 years, made 2 different demos and a 12 song album during their career. Their merchandise team made shirts that featured the bands personal font and color. Original members consisted of Au5t1n on vocals, Dymebag D00bie on the 7-string machine (guitar), 13j (b.j.) on pigskins (drums), and p3tr0 on bass. Keeping consistent with the band name, the members took stage names that featured letters and numbers. The band was known for having a VERY strong fan base and violent mosh-pits. Recorded events of fan devotion include: urinating on rival bands car door handles and in gas tanks, blood and tooth loss at numerous house parties, and the endless donations of alcohol, drugs, and girls. As local as the band had been, they had their own roadies and security team. Most of the members kept their identities a secret for years with the help of costumes, masks, face paint, and their security team. The birth of gr3y occurred at 210 Jeff Davis Rd. in Thomaston, Ga. The address was infamous for its "$200 weekends" even before the band came into existence. 210 gave, not only gr3y but numerous other bands the chance to play for huge crowds in an open-air venue. The owner and operations manager of 210, Mr. Rick, made is presence known at every event held on the grounds. In its infancy, gr3y had struck a deal with the management of 210 to have 2 to 3 others bands open for them at these hosted events which were about every 2 months or so. Candid footage of the band shows a shy, short-haired, non-inked, and very nervous group. It goes on to show that the members have to get quite drunk just to get over their fear of large groups. Years later, at the peak of gr3y's career, an all-day event named "Bickley's Day Out" was conceived by the operations manager of 210 and the band's manager. Calls were made and during the summer of '05 it all came together. In all, 8 bands opened up for gr3y that day. The show started at 11 a.m. and was projected to last until 2 a.m. Music ranged from every spectrum possible. From Punk and Hardcore to Folk and Metal. As the time came for gr3y to perform, security swarmed the area. Roadies scurried about the stage setting up the equipment and lights. The announcement was made and the band took the stage in pitch black. The band played a 2 hour set that featured new material that couldn't be recorded because of threat of legal action against them. During the whole day, tickets for an after party were also being sold for a V.I.P. tour of the 210 property and to hang out with the bands. The head of their security team at the time, Bak (pronounced bake), had commented that his team was put to the test at that event. Him and 16 of his best guards held back a crowd of 450 people from the stage. All in all, the life and times of gr3y was a success story. The members that had children are happily living their lives with fond memories of their success. The other members moved out of town to pursue college degrees. All the members still play music but not together as a group anymore.
Girl 1: Guess what?

Girl 2: What's that?

Girl 1: I got us tickets to see gr3y next week!

Girl 2: Well Hell Yeah Bitch!!
by jay_b March 20, 2009
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