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originating in the urdu word for a white person i.e. gora, gorification refers to the progressive erasure of indian cultural traits from a person of indian origin in favour of american or british cultural traits.
signs of gorification include the pronounciation of a traditionally indian name in such a manner that it almost sounds like an english name! very low tolerance levels for spices, especially chilli, decline or absence of any knowledge of the names of the various dishes that made up your staple diet until you were 16, the declining ability to eat with your hands and the absolute inability to eat rice with your hands, the idea that bollywood movies still don't show kissing and the notion that watching a bollywood movie is akin to a novel cultural experience.

"you can't eat rice with your hands, aisha? (who prefers to call herself asia) your gorification is almost complete!"

to become gorified is to simultaneously be de-desified. ones levels of gorification are inversely proportional to ones levels of desfication/desication

gorification is a synonym for de-desification/de-desication
by evolvepast8 January 25, 2010
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