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someone who is the coolest. someone who can make you smile even if you are in the worst of moods, makes you laugh when you don't want to.

generally this person is very attractive, "YUMMMY" if you will, and would do anything to make the ones that he loves happy. a person who is names goombers is a very positive and outgoing person.

Goombers tend not to have high enough confidence levels, but should because they are among the best looking people ever seen.

to be a goomber,

is a very special thing,

no one would ever want to lose a goomber in their lifetime.
they are someone who should never be forgotten,
and are always loved.

They can brighten your day,
and make everything okay,

Goombers are well loved.
i wish he was like a goombers
by shpanks mcbang January 24, 2011
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