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Something old people call google. I dont know if they actually think that google is actually a machine. MAybe they think it is the computer. idk.
example 1: Grandpa - who's pitching for the redsox game today billy.
billy - I don't know granpa.
Grandpa - Well, why dont you just go get on your fucking google machine and find it on there.
example 2: billy - Hey, grandpa you catch any fish this weekend.
grandpa - I dont know why dont you just go ask your god damn google machine.
by spanky1234 January 24, 2009
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Common parlance for a computer, typically with access to the Internet
How did you find that out, did you check that out on your google machine?

Sam got home and looked up his friend TIM on his google machine
by Chiguy21 December 29, 2011
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