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football/soccer expression referring to an awesomely amazing goal.
This term is used by spanish speakers all around the world.
Que golazo! <<-- what a goal!
by myoriginalname February 23, 2008
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A goal scored in soccer (football) that is seen as colossal, thus the joining of the two words to make a Spanish portmanteau.
It's a goal! Colossal goal! Golazo!
by LeToux Legit Toux Quit July 25, 2011
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A passionate soccer brand based in Seattle, WA that produces foods and beverages with all natural ingredients, Latin-inspired flavors, and functionality for the pitch. Their mission: We Fuel Fรบtbol.
I've got a game later today & need to pick up some Golazo so I stay energized & hydrated.
by Score Golazo November 07, 2011
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is when you score in soccer directly from a corner kick.
or sometimes when you score a beautiful improbable goal it is called a golazo.
colombia won the game 2:1, but brasil's goal was a golazo!
by janko17 July 05, 2005
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