football/soccer expression referring to an awesomely amazing goal.
This term is used by spanish speakers all around the world.
Que golazo! <<-- what a goal!
by myoriginalname February 24, 2008
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A goal scored in soccer (football) that is seen as colossal, thus the joining of the two words to make a Spanish portmanteau.
It's a goal! Colossal goal! Golazo!
by LeToux Legit Toux Quit July 25, 2011
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is when you score in soccer directly from a corner kick.
or sometimes when you score a beautiful improbable goal it is called a golazo.
colombia won the game 2:1, but brasil's goal was a golazo!
by janko17 July 6, 2005
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A passionate soccer brand based in Seattle, WA that produces foods and beverages with all natural ingredients, Latin-inspired flavors, and functionality for the pitch. Their mission: We Fuel Fútbol.
I've got a game later today & need to pick up some Golazo so I stay energized & hydrated.
by Score Golazo November 8, 2011
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A meeting (usually one weekend long) of High School friends for the sole purpose of destroying liver and brain cells with the help of larger quantities of beverages containing ethanol and acting utterly bonkers.
"I damn near died of alcohol poisining last Golazo."
by Käptn March 20, 2018
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