Walking around without a bra, in reference to the half naked female natives on Discovery Channel documentaries whose boobs hang down to their knee's because they've never worn an underwire.
Amy, are you going native again?
by collegegirl November 19, 2008
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Used humorously, to go native means to take on some (or all) of the culture traits of the people around you, often said of people who go to foreign countries or far away cities. These traits may include dress, language, accent, etiquette, religion, etc.

Important: The common use of the phrase does not have anything to do Native Americans.
1: When he visited China he loved the culture so much that he disappeared and went native.

2: Better keep her away from the village. She might just go native on you.
by Joshw15 March 10, 2008
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A secluded hang out that few know about. where a man and woman can go to fuck and no one will know and there is usually no one around so you can shit in private.
by Deep Blue 2012 September 10, 2009
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