A phrase used to provoke a fight to another person; showing that you are confident you would be able to kick their ass typically said by a person of Asian ethnicity to a white man.
white man: yo you would never win a fight with those noodle arms
asian man: wanna go to china town?
by Kappa Boy October 16, 2019
a famous quote from the China town film, also refers to the extent to which you are going to take them down a peg or two, generally assuming that chinatown is far away.
You're in so much trouble,

yeah so
you're going down,

i've been down before
i'm taking going down to china town
by jaffaw July 16, 2009
A quote from some kung fu movie that i forgot... it can be used to express great anger at a person. It can also be used to make everyone laugh if you say it in a silent part in a movie. It might make them all mad though. if the person you say it to knows the movie, they should say "CHUT UP!" afterwards.
Rob: your moms a slut!
Tom:go back to china, bitch!!

(In a quiet part in JUNO)
Me: Go back to china, bitch.
by MonkeyManOfDoom March 15, 2008
Going down on a girl then mid way through turning her around and eating out her butt
I not only ate her out but going to China with that girl last night.
by M_n_m August 14, 2015