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When some unexpected but not unmanageable event occurs making someone forget all protocol or etiquette regarding the original situation often leading to great inconvenience for those not involved with the new event or situation.

Examples include:

When one enters a restaurant with an acquaintance only to find a baseball game on television and the game becomes the primary focus of one or both persons’ attention.

When someone sees a magazine with an interesting cover photo on a rack in a grocery store and rather than pay for it and read it at home, they grab the magazine with no regard to where their shopping cart is and block the aisle while reading the magazine in the store.

When someone is driving but stopped at a light and sees a friend in another vehicle or on a sidewalk and begins a conversation completely disregarding the traffic signals or that there are other drivers behind him who would like to get on with their lives.
Thing 1: Thanks for suggesting dinner.

Thing 2: Yeah I love the enchiladas here.

Thing 1: Oh, that's right; the Giants are on.

Thing 2: You gonna have a beer?

Thing 1 They took Lincecum out already!?

Waiter: Are you guys ready to order?

Thing 2: Yeah, I’ll have the enchiladas and a big Sierra Nevada.

Thing 1: I bet it’s that problem with the cuticle on the ring-finger of this throwing hand. Did you hear about that?

Thing 2: Ummm, you ready to order?

Waiter: Let me give you guys a few minutes.

Thing 2: So what looks good?

Thing 1: (very loudly in spite of children in the restaurant) Bullshit! It was a strike. Did you see that? See? See? Watch the replay. Are you watching?

Thing 2: DUDE! Stop going all ADD and at least order, and then we'll watch the game.
by Alfetta159 June 15, 2011
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