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Driving with an illegal number of passengers. Derived from how media often portrays illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican/American border, with many of them sitting tightly packed in the back of a truck.
*Friend enters car*
Driver: Ready to go? We gotta pick up Joey, Tom, Kelly and Sarah too.
Friend: Doesn't your car only fit four?
Driver: Yah... We're going Mexican, no worries.
by t3h_m4n_w1t_t3h_pl4n February 26, 2011
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the act of three passengers occupying the front bench seats of a truck, even when there are clearly 2-3 more seats in the back.

term is derived from the observation that Mexicans will often all sit in the front with each other, leaving the back seat clearly vacant, probably so one person is not left to be a loner in the back seat.

Nothing against Mexicans, purely observational. I'm Salvadorean, and probably have more Mexican friends than Salvadoreans.
"So there's just three of us? Alright we're going Mexican"
by El Valle June 25, 2009
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To relax. The venture of relaxing.
Papa Bear: Yo bitch, what're you doing for break?
Hoe: I'm going mexican, might visit some colleges. I might even try to catch a case of snow pussy over at Loon.
Papa Bear: Nice.
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