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The lowest rank on Dawn Amber's discord server. They are below both the klondikes and the Boof Weckmans. They are subject to the most abuse and nobody cares about them. Anybody else can ban, kick, mute, or insult them, because the higher-ups don't care.
goick: hi!
klondike: stfu
Boof Weckman or Klondike: *bans goick*
by eaglebomber_ June 23, 2019
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A word usually used as a transitive verb has found itself as an unlikely vanguard of London vernacular. Although the derivations of the word are private the implications are paradoxically large.
The verb was coined on Highbury Fields during a game of b.u.m.s. a favourite football game of the locals. Because the bum is the focal point of this game other acronyms were yearned for. Due to the exceptional form of a certain bum the phrase 'goick' was formed, the reasons, as said, private.
The word quickly changed meaning as sexual implications ran quickly into its usage, fittingly, considering its derivation. It morphed to such an extent to be mainly used as an acronym for the transitive verb associated with anal sex.
However, the original meaning remains intact in b.u.m.s. vernacular, the 'goicking' is when the losing player is struck on his arse (goick) by the ball by the winning players.
Lad 1 'Did u see that bird last night, greatest knockers I've seen in a long time'
Lad 2 'Yes, John, you speak the truth. But her lower body wasn't too bad either and if it wasn't for that prick of a boyfriend I would have goicked her'

BUMS player 1 'Oh no im on B U M S, what happens now??!!'
BUMS player 2 'You know what happens, you bend over and we goick you.'
BUMS player 1 ' Oh no, I've never been good at taking a good goicking'
by dartagnon25 May 02, 2011
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