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Def. 1: Widely known for being the King if the Demon Realm. The all-powerful manbeast whom members of the Gogarian faith view as their deity and supreme ruler.

Def. 2: Also an interjection used to describe any feeling or thought. It is appropriate to use this at anytime, no matter the situation.
Def. 1:
Jehovah's Witness: "I'd like to talk to you about accepting the lord Jesus Christ as your savior-"
Disciple of Gogar: "Fuck that shit lady, Hail Gogar!"

Def 2:
Masa Will: "What's up cracka jack?"
Slick B: "Not much bro."
Masa Will: "Gogar!"
by smokeypotter April 17, 2005
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An Acronym meaning "Girl on Girl Action Rules". Commonly used by horny teenagers on the internet who think they are the masters of wit.

(Girl on Gril Action= Lesbian Sex incase you did not know)
Topic: "... so now I owe him two hundred dollars, or I die. What do I do?"

Horny Teenager: "lmao GOGAR"

Original Poster: What does that have to do with the topic? Get off my internets.
by EBK May 02, 2005
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