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also known as Karma, when you do some stupid shit and, almost instantly, something bad happens right back to you. Gods way of keeping perfect balance.
This chick wouldn't let me use her bathroom at her house party! So, when I finally got in, I locked the door and dropped an upper decker in her toilet. Pleased with my actions, I kept the door locked and left through the bathroom window, only to fall face first into her muddy ass garden. I was thouroughly Godsmacked!
by helluvaguy May 24, 2008
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The act of stretching one's hot, sweaty, droopy scrotum over another's mouth while sleeping, in an attempt to recreate the cover from the Godsmack album, Faceless.
I noticed a pungent odor and realized I couldn't breathe. I woke up with this satchel over my face and I realized, I had just been godsmacked.
by Leviathan7 August 11, 2009
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Godsmacked (adjective):
The act of being suckered into enjoying Christian rock while changing radio stations in an unfamiliar location because it sounds similar to alternative rock that you enjoy.
"I was driving in Truckee with the dial on 'seek' and heard some rockin guitar. When it came to the chorus of 'I love, I love you love you Jesus' I knew I had been godsmacked".
by bluedog_sd November 04, 2009
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