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insult to a 30 something single un-attached vamp blonde who is unlikely to marry.
ie. Sex and the city.
Nokia Text Message.

Science is rapid.
Using one of your few viable eggs and a hair cell, doctors can create someone in your image that may put up with you.
by tricky nokia text message February 06, 2009
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When you have to take a massive dump thats approximately one half of your initial body mass
After that TacoBell marathon, you couldn't crap for days, and then on Thursday, you had to go clone yourself!
by HannahKraus February 25, 2009
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So you can go fuck youself.
In an e-mail I had spoke to a contributor where I made a track to a troll "Go Clone Yourself.... so you can go fuck yourself" she started howling at that remark. I seen an author do a photo where he did a photo like this as I was trying not to make the joke then someone did a photo of Kayne West as I was going "Damn it -- that was my joke." Oh well they took the crack and ran with it.
by ilinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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