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used to describe when something someone who is dank and gnar at the same time. not that gay alien thing from star trek or whatever
Mitch is fucking gnar gnar binks brohyme
by blake reiser July 13, 2008
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A 50+ year old candy raver who is known for feeding young raver girls pills. Gnar Gnar's intent (see: Pedobear) is at this point unclear as he seems to dress in the same attire as the underage rave skanks (see: P-Tots) he's known to graze with. Gnar Gnar can be found mostly localized in the SF Bay Area rave scene but has been spotted as far out as Los Angeles and Nevada.
Oh snap here comes Gnar Gnar Binks and his band of P-Tots!
by Tombo Slice February 27, 2011
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A surfer who thinks he or she is god's gift to the waves, but in reality is arrogant and simple minded with only mediocre talent. Sometimes these surfers will talk about their awesome skills and yet you will never see them shred, or they will show up with incredibly expensive equipment that they never seem to properly ride. Sometimes these surfers are actually capable of catching decent waves, but instead prefer to paddle over to you and annoy you with useless chatter. These surfers are often clueless and tend to get in the way, wasting perfectly good waves when they fail to drop in or decide not to take off.
Dave: "Oh no, here comes gnar gnar binks"
Chris: "Yeah, that guy was just telling me about how he makes buckets of spray, but then he paddled for a perfect corner and missed it"
Dave: "Maybe if I don't make eye contact he'll leave us alone"
Chris: "Man, I hope he doesn't come over here and sit right inside of us again"
Dave: "He probably wants to be annoying and talk about nothing forever"
Chris: "Dude, we have got to start going to breaks that gnar gnar binks can't find"
by Board Slider May 04, 2013
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