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exclusive parties held by north London becks/ inner city girls when one of them ends a relationship. Generally small, alcohol-fueled gatherings of girls. Held at one of their houses, although they can often be found out partying together later.
No one quite knows what goes on because they're secretive and exclusive. Personally I suspect witchcraft and lesbian activity.

It's like an anti-henparty. If you see a group on a night out, seriously go for it, they're fit girls who aren't normally easy gone wilddd ;)
girl: whooo gluff party lets go wild and slutty. boy: can I come? girl: umm absolutely not, girls only. boy: well maybe I'll catch you girls after ;)
by coolerthanyou57283 June 29, 2011
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All-girl break up party.

To commemorate a break up, an all-girl party. Everyone dresses up glamourous, simply for themselves, not for boys. Any drinking is kept to the fun, wild side of drunk, no crossing the line to sickness/blackouts. Crazy dancing, chocolate and childish games rule. Man-hating rituals and boy-bonfires (burning photos and gifts from ex.)

P.s. Gay guys may attend, but generally not gay girls.

Term popularised by book "The It Girl"
Girl 1: omg he just ditched me
Girl 2: don't worry hun, he was a prick anyway. I'll text everyone for Gluff Party at mine, Friday night yeah?"
Girl 1: okay, I'll start gathering photos of him to burn
by Caroline101 December 06, 2010
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