the most amazing town with cool people but a lot of whores. its an unscale northshore town with a lot of preps and money. the highschool, Glenbrook South, is pretty beast and kicks Glenbrook North's ass in everything. the guys in glenview are obsessed with lax, and being lax bro's. you'll be lucky to spot a black person but there are plenty mexicans and even more indians and asians. Glenview is pretty boring but there are multiple train stations that will take you to the city of Chicago in 15 minutes.
yo man lets go to glenview to hang out at the glen and watch an expensive movie because everything is glenview is really expensive.
by goglenview April 4, 2011
A decent Northern suburb of Chicago. Many people claim it's all white trash, but that's Northbrook which is north of Glenview. We have a great school, Glenbrook South. It's actually pretty diverse. Eastern Glenview has most of the apartments, fast-food places, Asians and Indians. West Glenview has the rich kids that live in the Glen. A lot of Mexicans live here, although you never see them because their neighborhoods are hidden to glorify the rich kids. You'll be lucky to spot a black person. It's about 20 minutes away from the City. If you were here, you'd rather go to Golf Mill in Niles than the Glen because it has more stores.

Overall, it's a decent place but there's not much to do.
Glenview: Lol you can suck my ass.
Northbrook: Lol you're right, I can.
by glenview person February 2, 2011
Another shitty whitewashed suburb in the Northshore area of Chicago where there is absolutely nothing to do.

Full of rich ass white people near and around the Glen, with a couple Indians and Asians sprinkled in. All the Mexicans live in Sunset Village and you'll see a black person once in a while. Anywhere else other than the Glen, you've got the middle class areas. Those areas are pretty diverse. Everyone in Glenview either works in Naperville or the city, or goes to Glenbrook South. Glenbrook South is overfunded public school with a useless STEM and Academy program, full of white people. The only other places worth going to are the fast food places around Glenbrook South and the stores east of the train tracks. There's a Target up north and the only 7/11 in the shithole is south of the Glen. Cool Indian guy there gave me my Slurpee when I was 20 cents short.

Boring as shit but the schools are good.
Isn't Glenview just a bootleg Northbrook?

Sorry dude, I can't hear you over my 13 dollar movie ticket and 7 dollar sandwich I got from the Glen
by fuckjon November 16, 2018
The most amazing place anyone has or will ever be. suburb of chicago. Ther is absolutely nothing wwrong with it except for GBN.
Guy: I had the best trip to Glenview.
Friend: Oh lucky! I have always wanted to go there.
by terrence james February 1, 2011
A north shore suburb of Chicago that thinks it's cool because it touches Wilmette. If you get lucky, you'll end up at New Trier High School instead of with those hazing hooligans of GBN
I live in Glenview, but I pretend to live in Wilmette
by shmookzi October 19, 2005
TOXIC age care provider obviously under staffed floor staff are clearly over worked this joke of a business appears to have a high staff turnover clearly managed by incompetent narsasitic ego manics who wouldn't know the difference between shit and clay. One hell of a shit service provider who are unrealiable uselees and pathetic these bunch it cunts should be investigated by age care quality services, the ATO, worksafe tasmania

, fair work Australia, hells angels, today tonight and a number of facilitators of karma.
Glenview Community Services are the preffered provider for the unsuspecting.
by One pissed off vigilante December 22, 2021