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huge black guy with 99 dicks on his head who can't read or write and farts up storms stronger than hurricane katrina. Outfought the larry bird unit with one fart, sprinted, ended up at uni where he sleeps on rooves
"yesterday i broke my neck and this glencoe gorilla got angry and broke the cage by jizzing in the opposite direction propelling him forward"
by chickenneck January 13, 2013
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A big listless fart producing gorilla who eats anything thrown into his cage, and to reach his cage you have to walk down the street and jerk off the town. His parents are elephants and his offspring will be water.
I was having a quick Harry in the pub bathroom and the scent attracted a Glencoe Gorilla, he then proceeded to fart and cum all over the washroom
by Chickenbum February 12, 2013
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