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The plural of roof for people old enough to read the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language, in fact old enough to know that the real Napoleon was not Dynamite or a brandy.
Hoi polloi live under roofs and civilized men live under rooves.
by Hippolyte September 24, 2009
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The plural of "roof," for people too dumb to know that the real word is "roofs."
It certainly is interesting to compare the shingles on those two rooves.
by Zevez March 27, 2005
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An all-encompassing adverb/verb, describing or replacing any verb in any context, primarily in a demeaning, shifty, or semi-sexualized fashion. The word can also be used as a connection between two images implying an action or connection between the two. Using the word exclusively conveys a certain type of approval and/or mutual understanding with another person's comments or a message conveyed through a picture.
Hey Hugo, want to get rooved?
by Enema Lord June 18, 2017
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To roove is to spontaneously, during conversation, jump while singing the nyan cat theme tune and then return to normal.
Stop rooving before I slap you.

Only nooblets roove.

man 1: I rooved yesterday!
man 2: Okay...
by roovingtothebeat February 22, 2012
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