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Small, froglike creatures seen in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Because of their unbelievable reproductive rate, gizka are often thought of as pests; as few as two gizka will easily fill a warehouse in a month's time, and are therefore almost impossible to get rid of. The most effective method is to use a poison designed specifically for them. The most common brand causes the gizka to attack each other, infecting the rest of the population through their attacks.
Gizka may be pests to most, but some enjoy them as pets - assuming, of course, that they only have one of them.
by progamer124 March 30, 2004
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1. Someone younger than Master Slurm, it is very insulting at times.
2. A creature that lives in the Shadowlands and was created by the sock spawning.
-Males have horns that come out of their slimy back when it is mating season (May-June is mating season)
-Females turn brown in the Winter and pink in the Spring
by Master Slurm October 14, 2003
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