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Probably one of the greatest guys in the world. An amazing friend, nice and caring, friggin sexy, and irreplaceable. Noone can top to his abilities. Erikk is just an all around amazing guy that everyone should want to be with or should want to know. He may think down on himself but he has no reason to because people love him :3

I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday in a more creative way so here it is :) Happy Birthday Erik, I love you goober :3
"Hey dude who's that guy gettin all the bitches?"
"Thats just Erikk"
by In the shadows June 17, 2013
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3 things about an erikk

-he has the best pick up lines because one time I saw him ask out 4 girls at the same time and 5 of them agreed to date him

-he is a super crappy hockey goalie for a division 3 caha team. He blames the defence but he knows he sucks and couldn't play a good game to save his life

-he actually helped make a new jesüs with a litieyah in his Spanish teachers classroom... He's her 2nd least favorite student too (check her twitter)
(student 1) yo I think I saw Erikk and litieyah entering school grounds last night
(Student 2) yuh they always making jesüses
(Student 1) they even dating?
(Student 2) nah
by Supa hawt fya 46282 December 20, 2017
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