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This is the part of the vulva/vagina assembly that the penis comes in contact with during intercourse, to include the clit and its hood in some cases. Depends entirely on the details of two population's genitals and frankly their entire bodies and minds. No thoughts more conscioncenessly compile the oceans of data that lie in the similarities in examples of a given species. Uh-duh, think bout all of the details that transpire to create sex between any two people...the similarities in spacetime, for one thing ..! And we are looking, relishing, loving similarities that hearken back to parents, siblings, neighbors...The similarities, not necessarily (but probably usually :) ) the differences too...! A totally different (def. no. 2) meaning: when a gay or bisexual man wants to call attention to the gender of a lover, they may succinctly refer to the female person as 'girlsmeat'. Finally, (3) (broadly) any adult female or body part of a female.
If I didn't know you were as gay as the dick between my legs I would guess you got some lovin' last night. You know, after all of that flirting and smoking with that girlsmeat. Oh don't shit me. You know the blonde I mean.
by philsciprof September 10, 2015
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