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A woman who is very attracted to gay/bi/trans men. She may (or may not) also feel she is (fully or partly) a "gay man in a woman's body". Girlfags identify primarily as queer, and are often attracted to more types of people than just gay/bi/trans men.
by danielle August 18, 2003
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a woman who is attracted to gay and/or bi-males, having a more open view of sex and sexuality and being desirous of the freedoms espoused by gay and/or bi-males.
She's not a girlfag, check out the A&F jockstrap she's dating.
by Bitchin' Vixen June 18, 2003
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A cisgender, heterosexual woman who fetishises gay men. The term "girlfag" is a self proclaimed label, and is an offensive use of the homophobic slur "fag" as they have no right whatsoever to reclaim the slur, since they are heterosexual. They also seem to enjoy using the word "queer", which is also a slur they have no right to reclaim.

Girlfags are incredibly homophobic and transphobic, as they see gay men as nothing more than an object to fetishize, they compare themselves to gay trans men which spreads false information, and they try to get themselves into LGBT spaces and call themselves "queer" for their fetish, which is dangerous when accepted as there are a large portion of girlfags who aim to sexually abuse and even attempt to rape gay men.

The male version of Girlfags are Guydykes.

There seems to be a considerable quantity of girlfags using the judging section of Urban Dictionary, as they keep refusing this definition in favour of the other, sugarcoated and bullshit-filled definitions that are already there.
Girlfag: Omg I'm so attracted to gay men! I'm so queer! I'm like a gay trans man!

Gay guy: Uh... no. You're straight and cisgender and have a fetish for gay men. You're not "queer", you have no right to say that word, and you're nothing like a gay trans man.

by HintHint June 13, 2014
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a girl supposed to have some pretty big mental problems up to a psychoanalysis essay.

1.being a female
2.being interested in male
3.deny being female/desire being male

all these are messed... but i guess this little girl wants to make love. and picks men as partner. but this little bitch is sick of being fucked. she wants to fuck. she loves cock so much that she wants one for her own...

or maybe upon 'her wish of using masculinity on men', she hates men. maybe she hates herself.
or just maybe the last one was 'too big' and during oral implementation, some irreversible damage has been there in her tiny lil brain...

and after all worst: she could be a emo girl trying to attract attention saying/acting this way.

but i can give credit to her attitude if she has too many emo friends around. 'fuck'em all' is what a mentally healty one-no matter girl or boy- feels when emos cry around.
Person I: And then Sawyer confessed her that he is a homosexual. and guess what Kate did?! She fucked her all night with her own dildo!!
Person II: I knew she was a girlfag...
by Clasex March 03, 2007
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