Music created by, and for a very specific target audience: women. Music by the artists who appeared at Lilith Fair. Also, music by male artists whose public persona is engineered to attract a female audience, and alienate a male audience. Examples of such girl music bands include Bon Jovi, Journey, and Def Leppard. It is acceptable for men to like girl music, provided that they publicly acknowledge that it is a guilty pleasure.
dude 1: Have you heard Veruca Salts first album, its awesome.
dude 2: (silence)
dude 1: Okay, I know its girl music, but it nails the genre. I'm calling it a guilty pleasure.
by iyhnALEX July 31, 2012
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Girly, annoying music that you would typically find a white girl listening to... for example, {Taylor swift}
Bro, you gotta stop listening to that white girl music
by Chikinthenuggets December 31, 2019
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this is the closest I'll get to doing drugs because if I try them I know I'll get addicted type music
I listened to white girl music instead of doing drugs
by Durpleton January 13, 2022
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When there's a girl who is way too gorgeous standing in the music room looking out of the window. When you see her you get so nervous and your arm twists. Sometimes you see her in the hallway with her gorgeous chapped lips and her friend with the gorgeous hair and her other friend with the tissue stuck to her foot and you cry because they're way too gorgeous and you're nothing of the sort compared to them. OH MY GOSH! STUNNING! BEAUTIFUL!
"Did you see the gorgeous girl in the music room?"
"Yeah she was looking way too gorgeous"
by olivialoveswellyboots January 11, 2020
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A range from 12-14 year old girls who lip sync to songs about pussy and belly dance. They own several pairs of adidas and yezzys. The pose around in crop tops and tiny ass shorts. And when trying to be a fuckgirl they pose around in Calvin Klein sports bras and booty shorts
Guy 1: Dude I just met a fly ass girl

Guy 2 : really what does she do.
Guy 1: she dances around for me in nothing but a sports bra and tiny shorts. Her makeup is always done.

Guy 2 : Oh shit have you fucked her yet !
Guy 1: No Why
Guy 2 : I hope you didn't that's a typical musically girl she's probably 14 . You better break up with her before you get locked up again
Guy 1 : Damn why does this always happen
by Tati S July 31, 2017
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