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A phrase coined by the entertainer Nicki Minaj, describing the aurora of swag surrounding suitable male partners. Super bass encompasses desirable male qualities exhibited by these individuals. These characteristics include, but are not restricted to being ill, real, having a deal, popping bottles and being pelican fly. It can also be used to describe becoming female qualities as well. It can also be and subject to wordplay, describing Nicki Minaj’s backside as, “Superb ass.”
Jt- Look at that girl over there.
Chris- She's got that super bass.
David- You mean superb ass?
by TheMan5050 June 10, 2011
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Phrase coined by Nicki Minaj in her song entitled Superbass from the album Pink Friday. If someone has superbass, they've got that something you cant quite describe that drives you crazy. Can be someone's extreme hotness, their uniqueness, or anything about them that attracts you too them both physically and emotionally.
"I swear, that girl is just so right. She got dat superbass."

Girl: "What have you got that'll turn me on?"
Guy: "I got dat superbass baby."
by Taskmaster7024 August 17, 2011
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According to my wife, Superbass is a song about one angler's epic struggle to land the biggest largemouth bass ever caught on rod and reel.
Every time I hear that song Superbass, it makes me want to take the bass boat to the lake and throw some lures.
by texas7 March 04, 2012
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a term pioneered by artist Nicki Minaj; it is used as a general adjective/sentence enhancer. To understand the use, it must taken out of context i.e. use context clues.
Dawg...that girl face is on super bass

I'm so broke, my pockets are on super bass

guy #1: this is some good pizza.

guy #2: yea, that shit is on super bass.
by Yeoboseo June 28, 2011
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A song by Niki Minaj, the title of which is rife with bitter irony. As if using a sad excuse for a bass line wasn't enough, she also had the nerve to place almost no booty shots in the music video. Everyone is still searching for that low end which is supposedly so amazing.
Guy 1: Hey, this song's kinda cool. What's it called?

Guy 2: Super Bass!

Guy 1: Huh? Weird name for it... It has like the least bass of any song they've played tonight.

Guy 2: I know right? But I'm drunk so I don't care.

Guy 1: Word.
by Deliberate Lies July 04, 2013
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